Savi Camps, Jaisalmer Season Opening 2017

Savi Camps, Jaisalmer Season Opening 2017

Savi Camps, Jaisalmer

Savi Camps

Season opening for Savi camps, Jaisalmer announced for 2017

Savi Camps located in Jaisalmer is opening from 6th September 2017 for the coming season. The camps will have 20 Swiss camps and 15 mobile camps for the season. In the peak dates of Diwali and Xmas season the room inventory will be increased by another 15 Deluxe camps.

Savi hotels and resorts has decided to uplift the resort this year too. The camps will have addition to its activity too. Savi camps is now a premiere camping resort in entire Jaisalmer. The camp will host various new addition this year such as Spa. open Gym etc.


Camps Open for Independence long weekend too

Jaisalmer Camps

The company will open the camps for the Independence long weekend too i.e. from 12 August 2017 to 16 August 2017. Since this is monsoon phase in Jaisalmer, Only Swiss camps will be available. The  booking should be done 7 days in advance. The camps are water proof so you don’t have to worry about rains.

Kindly Note: since this season is monsoon season we advice to have your dinner before sunset. After evening you may have unfriendly visitors. Our team is always there to help you out with it. We cannot restrict but we can get rid of them. Enjoy this long Independence weekend with us and see life buzzing in Desert.

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New additions to Savi Camps

Savi Hotels and Resorts is proud to announce the redesigning of the dance arena in Savi camps, Jaisalmer from the coming season. The group has decided to give it a traditional rural ethnic look with sand and other village looks. the seating arrangement will also be traditional. The company is trying to introduce Spa this year. The company will also add slide in playing zone for children along with other activity.

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